About Us

At Bates Construction, we are uniquely equipped to provide you with the high degree of quality and excellent value you expect from your contractor.  In fact, the quality of our work extends about and beyond the actual construction applications we provide.  Our foundation of excellence steams from our ability to create a unique personality from the design, construction or remodeling opportunities we’re proudly involved in.


At Bates Construction, we will work relentlessly to capture  the spirit of your personality through our dedication to the details that matter most to you.


From planning to architectural design to actual construction, Bates Construction has the education, knowledge and seasoned experience to assure its customers complete satisfaction at a price they can afford.

There is only one thing more important to Bates Construction than dependable, reliable, quality construction.  And that is your satisfaction!


If you are considering building a new home, constructing a new commercial building, or remodeling an existing area, visit with Bates Construction for professional, superior bids and quality solutions.  Bates Construction, a leader in architectural design and building, is looking forward to doing business with you.

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